MDA holding workshops for teens on anger, alcohol

MDA workshops “Summer Without Violence” are mean to teach teens to cope with anger or frustration without resorting to violence or confrontations.

Teenagers (photo credit: Thinkstock)
(photo credit: Thinkstock)
Magen David Adom’s mandate is first aid, ambulance services and blood collection, but this time it is holding workshops around the country in an effort to prevent life-threatening situations. The MDA workshops for teenagers are titled “Summer Without Violence.”
The classes are meant to teach teens how to cope with anger or frustration without resorting to violence or confrontations, as well as avoiding the drinking of alcohol by learning about its dangers – possibly fatal – to health.
The workshops are being held at MDA stations, workplaces and educational centers around the country during July and August and are meant for pupils aged 12 to 16. The lessons include how to avoid being hurt if they encounter situations of violence as well as a first-aid course including bandaging and resuscitation.
The cost for each workshop will be only a nominal NIS 30 a day, or NIS 150 for the whole five-day workshop. A minimum of 12 teenagers must register for each workshop to take place. Dial *8101 to find the nearest location and to register for the workshop.
MDA said it plans in the future to hold the classes for older and young people, to keep them safe as well.
It also warned parents not to leave young children unsupervised at home during the summer vacation.
The rescue organization said that in the past week, it treated a three-year-old girl left alone in a hot car for two hours in Abu Ghosh outside of Jerusalem (she was was hospitalized in moderate condition); a three-year-old who fell from a third-story window in Beersheba died of her injuries; a six-year-old boy in Elad fell to the floor from the higher level of a bunk bed and was rushed to hospital in serious condition; and two toddlers had their hands trapped in dangerous machines over the weekend in separate accidents, with one two-year-old girl in the North losing her hand after placing it in a meat-cutting device.
MDA calls on parents to be especially careful during the summer vacation. Do not leave them without bars on the windows or near gas or electrical devices. Make sure that dangerous devices are closed and not within reach.
Young children should not be allowed to cross streets alone; somewhat-older siblings are not enough to ensure safety. Be alert in parks to avoid harm from slides, seesaws and swings. Take special caution at beaches and swimming polls.
Never go to a beach without a lifeguard, MDA said.
A few days ago, MDA teams searched for a six-year-old who went missing at an Ashdod beach. It was feared that he had entered the water and disappeared. At a long search, the child was found safe and healthy. On Friday, three youngsters aged 15, 17 and 19 went into the water at the Ashdod beach; one boy who was in trouble was pulled out of the water, while the girl was dragged out not breathing and without a pulse and, despite resuscitation attempts, was declared dead. The 19-year-old young man was found drowned.
A teenager who has drunk alcohol should never be allowed to drive.
Call 101 in an emergency and follow MDA’s instructions.