UH president gives, gets his own medicine

Beer rushes to an emergency call at a special-needs daycare center in Jerusalem, where there is an unconscious toddler.

United Hatzalah president Eli Beer_390 (photo credit: Untied Hatzalah)
United Hatzalah president Eli Beer_390
(photo credit: Untied Hatzalah)
Neither rain nor snow nor sleet nor hail kept United Hatzalah (UH) founder and president Eli Beer from his appointed rounds rescuing people in trouble on Thursday.
Beer was rushing to an emergency call at a special-needs daycare center in Jerusalem’s Ramot quarter, where there was an unconscious toddler, when he missed a step and twisted his leg. He managed to get to his car, drive to the emergency, join three other UH medics already on the scene and wait for the ambulance to evacuate the toddler.
The 16-month-old child had turned blue and was in critical respiratory distress and suffering from febrile seizures. He was given oxygen, intravenous fluids and medications and is doing well; the UH team, including Beer, saved his life.
After the boy was cared for, Beer called for a UH ambulance to evacuate him, but on the way, there was an accident involving two vehicles that collided on nearby Route 443. Instead of going for treatment, Beer insisted that the driver take him to the scene of the crash, which involved three victims.
One was treated while still trapped in his vehicle but all were eventually extricated, treated and evacuated with only minor injuries. The UH crew returned to its patient but clearly suffering boss.
Beer’s ankle had ballooned to twice its normal size and any movement caused significant pain. The team cushioned his ankle in a pillow and transported him to the orthopedic ward at Jerusalem’s Shaare Zedek Medical Center.
Orthopedic specialist Dr. Michael Herman said he was shocked to see that his most recent patient was head of the organization with which he volunteers. He diagnosed a serious sprained ankle, sent Beer to get a cast and prescribed 10 days off his feet.
The UH founder and president visited the toddler at Shaare Zedek after both had recuperated sufficiently.