Dental implants are improving people's lives. They provide a foundation for replacement teeth which look, function, and feel like natural teeth. People who have lost teeth regain the ability to eat normally as if they had never experienced tooth loss, regaining teeth that look healthy, natural, and are beautifully aligned.

tour&smile (photo credit: tour&smile)
(photo credit: tour&smile)
Implants also help preserve facial structure and prevent the bone deterioration that occurs when teeth are missing. There are several reasons to consider implants over other options. Unlike bridges, implants do not sacrifice the structure of surrounding good teeth to bridge a space. Unlike dentures, implants are permanent.
If you have missing or broken teeth or if you currently wear dentures, then finding a dentist for dental implants may be the right choice for you. When you are missing teeth, you can experience bone loss in your jaw. This damages the skeletal and esthetic structures of your face. The muscles and nerves in and around the mouth are affected as are your gums and even the ridges in your mouth.
When considering getting dental implants there is some important information you should know important information about the Surgeon and about the Clinic. 
What is the oral and maxillary facial surgeon’s educational background?
What are the doctor’s additional education/training, memberships, and accreditation in         implant dentistry? 
How many dental implants are placed yearly by this Surgeon, and can they provide             referrals? 
Knowing this information about the surgeon is crucial.
Every year there are thousands of people who place their dental work in the hands of surgeons whose educational background is obscure.  These Surgeons have knowledge that is outdated and sometimes don’t perform these procedures on a daily basis. The procedures that are used today are far more innovative than they were only 5 years ago. Choosing a Surgeon with expertise in performing the most updated and innovative procedures is a must. 
What kind of clinic is the Surgeon working in?
Is the clinic profitable? 
Is the clinic equipped with the most state of the art equipment?
It’s not always easy to know whether the clinic you are going to be using is profitable. But don’t be mistaken this is very important. This type of clinic will ensure that you get the treatment plan that you need, at a reasonable cost. They won’t cut corners, and will make sure that they maintain a level of excellence before, throughout and after your procedure.
For the last, but not least, piece of advice:
Understanding the confusion and ambiguity when it comes to making these important decisions has led to the founding of Tour and Smile.  Tour and Smile was started six years ago and works with a consortium of leading Israeli oral and maxillary facial surgeons utilizing state-of-the-art clinics in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.
Tour and Smile brings you world class leadership in “same day implants”, medically referred to as “immediate loading”. 
Same day Implants are inserted immediately following a tooth extraction, speeding up the healing process. Same-day implants offer complete, new, and functional teeth the same day.  Rather than the traditional 3 to 9 month waiting period between receiving implants and crowns, during which time the client typically wears a temporary denture.. 
Having performed thousands of surgical and restorative procedures, our surgeons are able to handle the 'extreme' cases that other clinics decline. Our clinics utilize advanced technology and skills in bone grafting procedures, when needed. The use of modern bone graft materials, high end technologies like Sonic-Weld, Bone Rings and a verity of autogenic and allogenic cone block procedures enables our doctors to offer implant treatment options in cases that were considered until recently hopeless. 
Evelyn V.
San Jose, California USA 
The information and support I received from Tour & Smile helped make the experience a positive one.   I received excellent dental care at the Tel Aviv clinic.  My U.S. dentist stated that the implants were extremely well done. Losing my teeth was one of the worst experiences in my life, but going to Israel for my dental care was one of the best experiences in my life.
Weyman H.
I have always wanted to visit Israel and Tour & Smile made it possible. The dental work I needed was very expensive in the US but it could be done for half the price in Israel. This opened the door not only to get great dental care but also for me to tour Israel.
Tour and Smile patients save up to 60% for the same procedures in Europe and the United States allowing them to enjoy a first class vacation and tour the holy land. click for more information