2 IAEA inspectors banned from Iran

Salehi: Officials disclosed data, provided media with false info.

Ali Akbar Salehi 298 ap (photo credit: )
Ali Akbar Salehi 298 ap
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Two IAEA inspectors will be denied access to nuclear facilities in Iran, Atomic Energy Organization of Iran head Ali Akbar Salehi said Monday, according to ISNA.
The Iranian news agency quoted Salehi as saying the inspectors had “disclosed information before it had been examined officially” and “provided the media with false information on Iran’s nuclear work” at a recent IAEA Board of Governors meeting in Vienna.
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Salehi stressed that the Islamic republic would continue to “comply by our international commitments” as stated in the NPT, but warned that his country would “not ignore” its rights.
'Iran developing additional research reactor for medical use'
Also in his Monday radio statement, Salehi reportedly announced that Iran had developed a reactor “similar to the Teheran research reactor, a ‘water pool ractor’ in which fuel plates are used to produce radioactive [energy] for medical use.”
He said Teheran would attempt to enhance the reactor’s energy production capabilities four-fold during the coming three years.
On Sunday, US Defense Secretary Robert Gates reiterated in an interview with Fox News that the US was still strongly opposed to acquisition of nuclear weapons by Iran.
"I don't think we're prepared to even talk about containing a nuclear Iran," he told the news channel.