3 British residents to be released from Guantanamo, attorney says

Three of five British residents held at the US military prison in Guantanamo Bay will soon be released because of a repatriation agreement with the British government, an attorney for one of the detainees said late Friday. Jordanian Jamil el-Banna, Libyan-born Omar Deghayes and Algerian Abdennour Sameur will be returned to Britain, said Zachary Katznelson, an attorney with Reprieve, a human rights group that represents British residents at Guantanamo. "These men have received nothing in the way of justice, nothing at all," he said. "It's about time they were returned to their families, and we're grateful to the British government for making this happen." A fourth man, Ethiopian national Binyam Mohamed, will remain held at the prison camp, Katznelson said.