9 human bones found in ongoing search of WTC site

Nine more human bones - including some several centimeters long - were found in the city's ongoing search for remains of Sept. 11 victims that were missed in the initial cleanup after the 2001 terrorist attack. Forensic anthropologists found five of the bones Wednesday while sifting through debris from the World Trade Center site at a Brooklyn facility, while workers found four while digging up a service road on the western edge of the site, city medical examiner's office spokeswoman Ellen Borakove said. The bones ranged from 2.5 centimeters to more than 10 centimeters long; it was not clear what parts of the body they came from. More than 225 body parts have been unearthed since October from below the street-level service road at ground zero, prompting the city to launch a $30 million yearlong search for additional remains of victims. Some 40 percent of the 2,749 people killed in the Sept. 11 terror attack there still have not had any remains identified.