Advocacy group to sue US over Lebanon evacuation

A leading Arab-American advocacy group said it planned to sue the US government, claiming it failed to protect American citizens from the fighting in Lebanon. The lawsuit, which was to be filed Monday by the American-Arab Anti-discrimination Committee on behalf of about 30 American citizens, alleges that Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld did not take all possible steps to secure the safety and well being of US citizens when fighting erupted between Israel and Hizbullah guerillas. It also seeks to have the federal court order the Bush administration to request a cease-fire and to stop shipments of weapons or any other military support to Israel during the evacuation of Americans from Lebanon. "We just feel the US government has put its citizens at risk by supplying missiles when many US citizens are still there," said Nabih Ayad, lawyer for committee and the citizens who were all in Lebanon. Ayad said a few included in the lawsuit are still trying to leave the country.