Afghanistan: US embassy vehicle hit by bomb blast

A car bomb exploded next to a US Embassy convoy on a busy road in Kabul on Monday, pushing an embassy SUV across the road and setting it on fire, officials said. Joe Mellott, a spokesman for the US Embassy, said several people in the convoy were wounded, one seriously. He said the US ambassador was not in the convoy. An initial alert over an embassy warning system said, "a US Embassy convoy was struck by a suicide bomber in the vicinity of the US Embassy," according to an Associated Press reporter who heard the alert over the phone. Mellott said the warning was initial incoming information, and it wasn't immediately clear if it was a suicide bomber who carried out the attack. The bombing took place about 3 kilometers (2 miles) from the embassy on a road often targeted in bombings and rocket attacks. The road leads out of Kabul and to the US base at Bagram.