Al-Zarqawi: Shiites worse than Americans, Saddam

The leader of al-Qaida in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, saw Iraq's Shiite Muslims as more dangerous than US forces and more evil than dictator Saddam Hussein, according to a posthumous interview published on the Internet Friday. The 33-page interview, carried out some time before a US fighter bomber killed al-Zarqawi in a strike on his meeting place in June 7, could not be authenticated but it was posted on a Web site known to be a clearing-house for al-Qaida material. The posting said it had been kept in al-Qaida's archive, but did not explain why the terror group had decided to release it six months' after his death. The text is ironic in that al-Zarqawi reveals his fury about the attacks of Iraq's Shiite Muslim militiamen on the country's Sunni Muslim community. Yet it was al-Zarqawi, a Sunni from Jordan, who fomented Shiite-Sunni strife as the best way to scuttle the US plans to rebuild Iraq as a democratic state after Saddam's overthrow.