Annan slams Libyan death sentences of medics

Secretary-General Kofi Annan expressed concern at a Libyan court's decision to reimpose death sentences on six medical professionals convicted of infecting Libyan children with HIV and offered UN support for the children and for efforts to "find a humane solution for the fate of the medics." Annan's statement Friday followed condemnations from US President George W. Bush and European leaders, who expressed outrage over the sentence imposed on five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor. The death sentence was issued despite scientific evidence the children were infected with the virus before the medical workers came to Libya. "I am deeply concerned by confirmation of a guilty verdict and a death sentence," Annan said, adding that he hoped Libya and the international community could "continue working together in a spirit of reconciliation." "Once again, I offer the support of the United Nations in all efforts to address the needs of the infected children and to find a humane solution for the fate of the medics," he said.