Argentine ex-President Isabel Peron investigated

Spanish police detained Argentine ex-President Isabel Peron, who allegedly approved the shadowy right-wing death squads that ushered her nation into a bloody dictatorship, but she was released three hours later after appearing at a court Friday. Spanish police detained her in Madrid at the request of an Argentine investigative judge and she was taken to the National Court in Madrid. The Argentine judge's request suggests that the South American nation is finally ready to examine the origins of the state-sponsored terrorism responsible for thousands of deaths in the 1970s and 1980s. As Peron walked free to a car awaiting her outside the National Court, a group of protesters shouted abuse at her. She did not make any comments to reporters. Argentina has 40 days to file an extradition request, according to a court statement issued to reporters waiting outside. During that time, Peron is required to appear at a police station every 15 days, it said.