At Oxford, student shouts ‘Kill the Jews’ at Ayalon

University representative tells 'Post' incident now in police hands.

Danny Ayalon (photo credit: AP)
Danny Ayalon
(photo credit: AP)
LONDON – An Oxford University student shouted “slaughter the Jews” during a talk given by Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon at the university on Monday night.
During the event, hosted by the university’s Student Union, a Muslim student who had been heckling the deputy foreign minister got up and shouted in Arabic, “Itbah al-Yahud” – “Kill the Jews” – as he was leaving the lecture hall.
The incident was referred to the police on Tuesday.
“Our policy is always to await the outcome of police investigations where criminal offenses are alleged, and to look at any internal disciplinary process after the police have finished their investigation,” an Oxford University representative told The Jerusalem Post. “So we will await the outcome. We abhor racism but obviously now this is in police hands, we cannot comment on the individual case.”
Another student carrying a Palestinian flag tried to approach the platform from which Ayalon was speaking and was led out by security staff.
At a protest outside the lecture hall, protesters chanted, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.”
Speaking to a partly antagonistic audience, Ayalon took a number of hostile questions and received applause at the end. After the event, several students approached the minister, thanking him for providing a narrative they had never heard before.
“Comments like these show proof that the narrative on campuses have been hijacked by those who have a hatred for not only Israel but also Jews,” said Ashley Perry, Ayalon’s media adviser. “The event also proved that if the Israeli narrative is explained in a calm matter, as the deputy minister did, then we can increase understanding among those who have not ever been exposed to another narrative.”