Austria: Middle Ages cross turns up in trash

A cross dating to the Middle Ages has turned up in a trash bin in Austria, police said Thursday. A woman looking for old crockery in a trash container in the western Austrian town of Zell am See stumbled upon the precious piece in 2004, Salzburg police said. The woman, not knowing what she found, took the cross home and stashed it behind her couch. Now experts say the cross could be worth as much as $536,620. A local museum has custody of it, at least for the moment. And whether the trash-foraging woman, who has not been identified, will get so much as a penny for her find has yet to be determined. She found the cross after a hotel owner who lived in Zell am Zee died, and his apartment was being cleared by relatives, the Austria Press Agency quoted police official Christian Krieg as saying. The woman showed the cross to the niece of the dead man, but the niece didn't want it and allowed the woman to take it, the news agency reported.