Belgian police detain 9 in anti-terror raids

Police briefly detained nine people in anti-terror raids in three Belgian cities, authorities said Saturday. Police conducted late night raids Friday in Brussels, Nivelles, and Verviers, and confiscated computers and documents as part of an ongoing investigation with French authorities trying to uncover recruiting networks for the insurgency in Iraq. All nine suspects were later released after questioning, officials said. The prosecutors office said the investigation was not linked to an earlier investigation which uncovered other recruiting rings, one that sent 38-year-old Muriel Degauque from a town in southern Belgium to Baghdad, where she blew herself up in 2005 in a suicide attack on US troops. On Thursday, French police released four women detained in similar raids that netted 11 people suspected of ties to a recruiting network. Islamic radical groups linked to al-Qaida terror networks are suspected of setting up networks in Belgium and other European nations with large Muslim communities.