Blair offers no comment on kidnap plot rumors

The Prime Minister's office said Tuesday it would not discuss an allegation that activists hatched a plot to kidnap Tony Blair's 5-year-old son Leo. A report in The Sun newspaper claimed a plan was made to hold the boy hostage to highlight the cause of a group campaigning for better rights for fathers denied access to their children. "We are not going to comment on this story," said a spokesman for Blair's Downing Street office, speaking on the condition of anonymity in line with government policy. The newspaper claimed police officers had uncovered the plot while investigating the activities of members of the Fathers 4 Justice movement. "This is definitely nothing to do with the official group, categorically," Fathers 4 Justice Matt O'Connor told the Associated Press. "We are working to reunite children with their fathers, not kidnap them." A spokeswoman for London's Metropolitan police, also speaking on the condition of anonymity in line with force policy, said she could not comment on the matter.