Bosnia survivors protest UN exoneration of Serbia

Muslim survivors and relatives of victims of the Srebrenica massacre are to stage demonstrations in Sarajevo Tuesday in protest at the decision by the UN's highest court to clear Serbia of genocide. "Shame on the people who reached such a verdict. How can they say 'not guilty' of genocide when there are photos, video footage. They are again torturing our people, these mothers," Zinaida Mujic, representative of Mothers of Srebrenica Association whose two sons were killed in the massacre in July 1995. Numerous organizations of families of victims, war veterans, invalids and others planned a protest in front of the Bosnian parliament in Sarajevo Tuesday dubbed "Justice for the victims." Kasim Trnka, former Bosnian agent at the UN's highest court told The Associated Press the ruling is "not good as it sends a bad message to future Karadzics, Mladics, to all Rwandas and Cambodias in the future that such crimes can go unpunished."