Bosnian Serb general given 33 years for deadly siege of Sarajevo

A Bosnian Serb general who ordered the relentless shelling, sniping and indiscriminate terror that rained down on Sarajevo during the final phase of a 44-month siege, was convicted of war crimes Wednesday and given a 33-year prison sentence. Citing testimony from survivors of snipers' bullets and makeshift missiles, the UN Yugoslav war crimes tribunal convicted Gen. Dragomir Milosevic of murder, inhumane acts and waging a campaign of terror for orchestrating the last 15 months of the 1992-1995 barrage of the Bosnian capital. Milosevic, 65, sat silently listening to a summary of the lengthy judgment, then stood stoically as Robinson pronounced sentence. He had denied all charges, arguing that the city was a battleground and his troops were carrying out legitimate military operations.