Brad Pitt pitches eco-friendly rebuild project for New Orleans

Surrounded by hot pink tents representing where eco-friendly houses will soon be standing in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans, Brad Pitt discussed his latest effort for affordable, environmentally friendly rebuilding in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Plans for Pitt's "Make It Right Project," call for 150 homes to be built in the area where levees broke, and floodwater pushed homes from their foundations. Pitt said each home will cost approximately $150,000 (€102,277) to build and will be built on stilts as a precaution against the threat of future flooding. Pitt said he would like to see thousands built. And he would like his "green" building initiatives to extend beyond the Lower 9th Ward. "We begin here, but my hope is that we can get next door to Jefferson Parish ... that we can keep growing this thing," he said.