Chavez: Bush's 'dictatorship' threatens democracy

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez dismissed Washington's concerns that Venezuela's democracy is under threat, saying that a "dictatorship" led by US President George W. Bush poses a true threat to democracy around the world. Condemning the war in Iraq, the Venezuelan leader said that Bush and John Negroponte, a former director of national intelligence who is designated for the No. 2 position in the US State Department, should be tried for "war crimes" committed by the US military across the globe. "The two of them are criminals. They should be tried and thrown in prison for the rest of their days," Chavez told a news conference. "If he had any dignity, the president of the United States would quit. The US president doesn't have the political or moral capacity to govern," he added. Chavez was responding to comments made on Wednesday by Bush, who said he was concerned about Venezuela's democracy.