Democratic hopeful Edwards accuses Clinton of two-faced foreign policy

Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards is accusing rival Hillary Rodham Clinton of a two-faced foreign policy and failing to do enough to stop what he says is President George W. Bush's march to war with Iran. "Senator Clinton is voting like a hawk in Washington, while talking like a dove in Iowa and New Hampshire," Edwards said in remarks prepared for delivery Monday at the Iowa Memorial Union. Iowa and New Hampshire are two early voting states where candidates have stepped up their campaigning. Excerpts of the speech were provided by his campaign. The 2004 vice presidential nominee - in a speech, expcerpts of which were provided by his campaign - was stepping up criticism of Clinton's vote in Congress to declare Iran's Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization, which Edwards said is a mistake. He has said that by her vote, she and other lawmakers are allowing Bush and Cheney to "rattle the sabers" of war, and giving them the excuse they need to attack Iran, just as they attacked Iraq.