Egypt releases top Hamas security official

Dababish sent back to Gaza by Cairo after being imprisoned for traveling on false documents and allegedly trying to smuggle walkie-talkies.

security barrier 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
security barrier 311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Senior Hamas operative Mohammed Dababish was freed by Egyptian authorities on Friday after being imprisoned for approximately ten days.  He was deported to the Gaza Strip by way of the Rafah crossing.
Dababish is said to be the head of Hamas's internal security apparatus. He was arrested by Egyptian authorities after allegedly trying to smuggle communication devices from Egypt into Gaza.
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A Hamas spokesman called Dababish's release as proof that the allegations made against him had no merit. He added, "we hope that [Dababish's] release will lay the groundwork for improved relations between Hamas and Egypt and the release of other Palestinians who are still being held in Egyptian prisons."
Hamas had earlier claimed that Dababish was falsely accused of posing a threat to Egyptian security and denied that he was involved in smuggling.
Dababish was arrested in Cairo on Sunday when his name showed up on a wanted list for using falsified travel documents to enter and leave the country. He was also questioned about an illegal shipment of walkie-talkies destined for Gaza, according to Egyptian officials. 
According to Dababish's relatives, he was returning from a pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia when he was arrested.