EU lawmakers criticize IDF maneuvers in Gaza

European Union lawmakers on Wednesday joined EU governments in criticizing IDF maneuvers in the Gaza Strip that killed 19 civilians last week, saying the large-scale military actions in the town of Beit Hanoun were not justified. "Israel is a democratic country which needs to ask questions. We should ask them how they can describe something like Beit Hanoun as an accident. In democracy people who are responsible need to be held up to their responsibilities," said Martin Schulz, leader of the Socialists in the European Parliament. The EU has expressed strong concerns over the death of civilians and warned Israel to show utmost restraint in its military actions. "How many enemies does Israel want?" asked Graham Watson, leader of the Liberal Democrats. The Beit Hanoun shelling came after IDF troops wound up a weeklong incursion meant to curb Palestinian rocket attacks on Israel from the town.