Flotilla captain: Passenger boat sabotaged in Greek port

"I clearly believe this is sabotage by those who wish the boat not to participate in the Freedom Flotilla," Thodoris Boukas says.

flotilla ship captain_311 (photo credit: Screenshot)
flotilla ship captain_311
(photo credit: Screenshot)
A ship captain participating in a protest flotilla scheduled to sail to Gaza this week said on Tuesday that one of the passenger boats was sabotaged in a Greek port the previous day.
In a video featured on the Freedom Flotilla's website, captain Thodoris Boukas explains how the sabotage was discovered and said "I clearly believe it is sabotage by those who wish the boat not to participate in the Freedom Flotilla."
The video also shows footage shot by a diver of the boat's propellers.
"Today we came here to test the boat, we added some fuel, started the engines, and at some point, one of the engines ceased [to work] as if a rope was tangled in its propeller. That's what we thought in the first place. We looked around, and there was no sign of the rope," Boukas said.
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After asking a diver to help determine the problem, the captain said "The boat has been sabotaged. Someone has rasped the axle that is made by stainless steel, a very hard material."
He noted the tool used was very specific, indicating that the act was calculated.
The captain's statement comes after the Free Gaza Movement on Monday vowed to continue with its plans to sail the flotilla to Gaza despite repeated warnings from Israel not to do so.
The group said in a statement that "Israel's best efforts to stop our boats at port, including pressure on governments, threats against insurance and communications companies, intimidation of human rights defenders, frivolous lawsuits and other underhanded tactics, have thus far failed. The Freedom Flotilla has set sail."
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