Fox accidentally labels Elie Wiesel 'Holocaust winner'

During live interview with Wiesel on Fox program, words at bottom of screen read "Holocaust winner" instead of "Holocaust survivor."

elie wiesel holocaust winner_311 (photo credit: Fox News)
elie wiesel holocaust winner_311
(photo credit: Fox News)
Fox News last week accidentally labeled Elie Wiesel a "Holocaust winner" on its chyron, the words appearing at the bottom of the TV program, during a live interview with the Nobel Prize winner and Holocaust survivor.
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The mishap occurred during an interview Wiesel gave on the Fox program, "Fox and Friends," and the chyron was immediately changed to "Nobel Prize Winner."
The mistake can be seen at the 35 second mark in clip.
Fox News has since removed the clip from their website, and there has been no response from Elie Wiesel.