Gallery: Afghans protest canceled Koran burning

Afghan soldiers kill two as hundreds of protesters try to storm local government headquarters shouting "Death to America."

311_burning terry jones (photo credit: Associated Press)
311_burning terry jones
(photo credit: Associated Press)
KABUL, Afghanistan — Two protesters died and four were injured as Afghans protested for a third day Sunday against a plan by an American pastor to burn copies of the Islamic holy book, despite his decision to call off the action.

Mohammad Rahim Amin, chief of the Baraki Barak district in eastern Logar province, said the deaths and injuries occurred when Afghan soldiers opened fire on hundreds of protesters who were trying to storm the local government headquarters.RELATED:Planned Koran burning in US called off by Florida pastor1 killed in Afghan protest against Koran burningDuring recent protests against the Koran burning, Afghans have regularly targeted the pro-Western government.Terry Jones, pastor of a small Florida church, said Saturday that "we feel that God is telling us to stop" the Koran burning, which was to coincide with the ninth anniversary of the September 11, 2001, attacks in the United States.The plan to burn the Quran stirred outrage among millions of Muslims and others worldwide.
The protesters in Logar chanted "Death to America" and burned tires, attacked several shops and set election campaign posters on fire, Amin said."I can say for sure that this was the work of the enemies of peace and stability in Afghanistan who are trying to use any opportunity to disrupt the security situation" in the country, Amin said.In a country where most people have limited access to newspapers, television and the Internet, many Afghans seemed unaware of Jones' decision to call off the Koran burning.