Greek envoy condemns attack on 'Post' reporter

In letter to 'Post's Editor-in-Chief, Greek ambassador strongly condemns attack on journalist Gil Shefler.

Gil Shefler after being attacked by Greek mob 370 (photo credit: Gil Shefler)
Gil Shefler after being attacked by Greek mob 370
(photo credit: Gil Shefler)
Greek Ambassador Kyriakos Loukakis strongly condemned a mob attack against Post reporter Gil Shefler in Athens, in a letter sent to The Jerusalem Post on Thursday.
Shefler was assaulted in the Greek capital on Tuesday while trying to film a mob attack outside the National Archeological Museum. Gang members who were beating refugees, migrants and homeless people turned on Shefler after he took his camera out, chased him down the street and brutally beat him.
In a letter addressed to the Post's Editor-in-Chief Steve Linde, Loukakis said that "the Greek government unreservedly condemns the attack" and stated that the police were conducting a thorough investigation into the incident.
Shefler was rushed to the hospital following the assault where he received treatment for head and chest wounds. He was later released in good condition and returned safely to Israel.
The ambassador emphasized that the attack was "an isolated incident and is in no way indicative of the overall situation in Athens, where citizens and visitors enjoy a safe, secure and hospitable environment."

He added that the incident does not reflect or represent Greek values or traditions, a people who "have fought hard in their history not only for freedom, but also for the freedom of thought and expression, non-discrimination and tolerance."