He said, She said

hillary laugh 224 ap (photo credit: AP [file])
hillary laugh 224 ap
(photo credit: AP [file])
Girl power "You know you've got a good program when I'm the third-best speaker on the stage." Barack Obama commenting on the fact that both his wife Michelle and Oprah Winfrey joined him on stage. Objectivity "I thought she was the most gifted person of our generation... You know, you really should dump me and go back home to Chicago or go to New York and take one of those offers you've got and run for office." Bill Clinton is full of praise for his wife. Zig-zag "I thought it would be wrong for me to rob her of the chance to be what I thought she should be. She laughed and said, 'First I love you and, second, I'm not going to run for anything, I'm too hardheaded.'" Bill Clinton on his wife's zigzagging. Allies "Why make Israel so dependent? They can't defend their borders without coming to us." Ron Paul on why he wants to eliminate foreign aid to Israel and other nations. Lyrics "Bomb, bomb, bomb... bomb, bomb Iran." John McCain sings the Beach Boys tune Barbara Ann with some original text work. History in the making "I mean, you got the first mainstream African American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy, I mean, that's a storybook man." Joe Biden on Barack Obama. Expenses "It was obviously a mistake to have the campaign pay for it." John Edwards on the fact that his $400 haircuts appeared on the candidate's campaign spending reports. Longevity "I'm going to make sure that he didn't survive 10 US presidents." Fred Thompson asked what he would do with Cuban President Fidel Castro, who has reigned through nine different US presidents. Hot, hot, hot "We've been on the stove simmering for about 11 months. Somehow in the last two weeks, the lid blew off and the pot started boiling." Mike Huckabee explains his surge in the polls. Bushism "I'm tired of Democrats thinking the only way to look tough on national security is to act like George Bush." Barack Obama Love "Ask him. I don't know... All I can do is hope that Rush loves me as much as I love Rush." Mike Huckabee asked why talk show host Rush Limbaugh would attack him. Men "The question is, we face a lot of dangers in the world and, in the gentleman's words, we face a lot of evil men. And what in my background equips me to deal with evil and bad men?" Hillary Clinton on why she believes she has what it takes to deal with leaders of countries like Iran or North Korea. Comparison "They talk about sleep deprivation. I mean, on that theory, I'm getting tortured running for President of the United States. That's plain silly." Rudy Giuliani on torture. Relationships "I don't want to be invited to the family hunting party." Barack Obama on fact that he and VP Dick Cheney are eighth cousins, alluding to a 2006 accident in which Cheney wounded a friend with shotgun pellets. Prophecy "I predict to you, [that once I win] the oil-producing countries will drop the price of oil." Hillary Clinton on why oil-producing countries would lower prices in an attempt to foil her plans to reduce US dependency on foreign oil.