Honduran gang members sentenced to 822 years each for bus shooting

Two Honduran gang members were sentenced Wednesday to 822 years in prison each for opening fire on a bus and killing 28 people four years ago. Juan Carlos Miranda, 22, and Darwin Alexis Ramirez, 23, received 675 years for killing 28 people, 135 years for trying to kill another 10 people, four years for being gang members and eight years for carrying an illegal weapon, according to prosecutor Cesar Alvarenga. The two men were accused of being among about 10 gang members who shot up a public bus full of Christmas shoppers and commuters on Dec. 23, 2004, in San Pedro Sula. Officials said the attackers were angry at a government crackdown against gang members who were taking over neighborhoods. The attackers left messages directed at the government and warning against a proposal to institute the death penalty, especially for gang-related crimes. Alvarenga said police were still searching for the other suspects in the shooting.