India: 15 skulls found at home of alleged killer

Indian police said Saturday they have discovered 15 skulls at a house near New Delhi where a domestic servant has confessed to sexually assaulting and killing children. The servant only confessed to killing seven children after being arrested Friday. But residents of Noida, a township east of New Delhi, said 38 children had gone missing in recent years from the neighborhood around the house. Saturday's announcement appeared to confirm fears that more children had been killed. Police officer Ramesh Bharatya said investigators had so far found 15 skulls in the house and parts and bones from an undetermined number of bodies dumped in the yard around the home. Bharatya refused to provide any additional details, citing the ongoing investigation. He spoke before the search of the property had resumed on Saturday after being called off the night before, and it was not clear when the skulls were found. Two men were arrested on Friday in connection with the killings, including one who confessed to sexually abusing and killing at least seven children. The alleged killer, a domestic servant at the house, said he lured children to the residence with chocolate and sweets, according to the police chief for the area, R.K.S. Rathore.