India test-fires new nuclear-capable missile

The launch of India's Agni III missile has been viewed as a routine test, not saber-rattling with the country's nuclear-armed archrival, Pakistan.

missile 88 (photo credit: )
missile 88
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India test-fired its nuclear-capable Agni III missile Sunday for the first time, the Defense Ministry said. The launch took place at India's main missile testing center in the eastern state of Orissa, Defense Ministry spokesman Sitanshu Kar told the Associated Press. The launch of India's longest-range missile, able to fly 3,000 kilometers, has been viewed as a routine test - not saber-rattling with the country's nuclear-armed archrival and neighbor, Pakistan. New Delhi and Islamabad regularly test-fire missiles, but normally only give each other prior notice for long-range launches. It was not immediately clear whether India informed Pakistan ahead of Sunday's test. The missile splashed down near the Nicobar islands in the Bay of Bengal. The Agni III further boosts India's homegrown missile arsenal, which includes the short-range Prithvi ballistic missile, the medium-range Akash, the anti-tank Nag and the supersonic Brahmos missile, developed jointly with Russia.