Indian man ‘murdered, then froze his Israeli lover’

28-year-old Tamar Farha Abraham was killed by her long-time Indian lover after she discovered he was married, had a child.

A love affair between an Israeli woman and an Indian man came to a horrifying end last month when the woman was murdered and her body hidden in a freezer, Indian media reported on Thursday.
The victim, a 28-year-old engineer, was allegedly killed by a man she knew for four years, a 30-year-old Indian software engineer.
According to press reports cited by Channel 10, the two met in India four years ago and entered into a relationship.
Last year, the man married a local woman in Bangalore, and fathered a child.
When his Israeli lover arrived at his home last month, she found out he was married, and the man allegedly launched a lethal assault on her, hitting her on the head with a metal pole after “moving his family to another room,” according to one report.
“He then purchased a freezer and hid her body in it,” Channel 10 quoted the report as saying.
Police were alerted after the man’s mother-in-law visited the home, and traced a suspicious smell to the freezer, where she discovered the body.
Police in India said the man has confessed to the murder and reenacted it for homicide detectives.
The Foreign Ministry said it was dealing with the incident, and was making arrangements to fly the body back to Israel for burial.