Iran's top nuclear negotiator to travel to Moscow

Iran's top nuclear negotiator will travel to Moscow on Tuesday for high-level talks regarding the country's nuclear program, a Russian news agency reported Monday. The Interfax news agency, citing a Russian diplomat in Tehran, said Ali Larijani's trip to Moscow came at the invitation of Russia's Security Council head, Igor Ivanov, who visited Iran last fall. The report could not be immediately confirmed. Earlier Monday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov met with Deputy Iranian Foreign Minister Mehdi Safari and encouraged Iran to adopt a position that would help ease tensions over its nuclear program. The talks come amid a quickening in negotiations surrounding a Russian proposal to have Iranian uranium sent for enrichment in Russia then returning it to Iran for use in Iranian reactors. The proposal is aimed at overcoming concerns that Iran could enrich its own uranium to higher levels for use in nuclear weapons rather than for power production.