Irish Nobel Peace Prize winner refused entry to Israel

Mairead Maguire is appealing decision to disallow entry into country; participated in Rachel Corrie flotilla.

Rachel Corrie 311 (photo credit: IDF)
Rachel Corrie 311
(photo credit: IDF)
Nobel Peace Prize winner and pro-Palestinian activist Mairead Maguire was refused entry into Israel on Tuesday, and was detained in the airport ahead of deportation. Maguire will reportedly be appealing the decision, and will therefore remain in custody until until a court date is set.
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Maguire, 66, was deported from Israel in June after she participated in the Rachel Corrie flotilla.  According to the Interior Ministry, she was told that in order to enter Israel in the future, she would need to obtain a special permit in advance, which on this occasion she did not.
A lawyer for Maguire confirmed that his client was detained at an airport lockup after landing early Tuesday in Tel Aviv. She was part of a human rights delegation visiting Israel and the West Bank.
According to attorney Fatmeh el-Ajou, the government said Maguire was banned from entering the country because of her participation in the June flotilla.