Israeli parachuter killed in Peru

Doron Lugasi dies in a hospital after slamming into a mountain.

paraglider pilot (photo credit: AP)
paraglider pilot
(photo credit: AP)
Doron Lugasi, a 39-year-old Israeli, was killed in a parachuting competition in Peru Saturday after crashing into a mountain, Israel Radio reported.
According to Peruvian media, Lugasi participated in a championship parachuting competition in the city of Huancayo. He was slammed into a mountain slope by strong wind gusts and was severely injured by the impact. The medical teams' efforts to reach him were prolonged as result of his location, which delayed his evacuation to a local hospital. He later died of his injuries while at the hospital.
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The Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem has notified Lugasi's family of the incident and they have been in close contact with the Israeli ambassador in Lima.
It is unclear whether Lugasi will be brought to Israel for burial.
As a result of the wind gusts, an Australian glider was also injured.
Two months ago, Adi Paran, 23, from Beersheba, was killed after his all-terrain vehicle fell into a deep hole in Bolivia.