Israeli woman found murdered in Bangalore freezer

Report: 28-year-old Tamar Farha Abraham was killed by her Indian lover after she discovered he was married, had a child.

A 28-year-old Israeli woman was murdered in Bangalore by her Indian lover, Indian press reported on Thursday.
The murderer, Lokesh Chandra Das, 31, reportedly killed the Tamar Farha Abraham woman three weeks ago, and hid her in a large freezer.
Abraham met Das, a computer programmer and yoga instructor, at the Indian resort town of Rishikesh four years ago, where they began a relationship.
Abraham, who also carries a Swiss passport, reportedly surprised Das in his apartment on April 15, where she discovered he was married and had an infant son.
According to the Indian press, Abraham and Das got into a heated argument, which also involved his wife, Jyothi Vaidyanathan. Das locked Vaidyanathan and their son in a room before hitting Abraham with a blunt object and killing her. He then strangled Abraham to make sure she was dead and bought a freezer, in which he hid her body for two weeks.
Das had confessed to his wife, whose family convinced him to tell the police. Indian press reported that Das, a bearded man who is five feet, three inches tall, smiled while reconstructing the murder for investigators.
Police also found a painting of Abraham in the house, which police reportedly believe Das painted.