JPost US Elections Panel: Danny Ayalon

Danny Ayalon, Former Ambassador to the US [ Biography ]
'There's no bipartisanism when it comes to Israel' Regardless of the next president, we should be confident in knowledge it will be filled by a person who sees Israel as a true and lasting friend. A great loss For all his passion, Tom Lantos never used "human rights" as a means to discredit others, but rather, to empower the good. Who are you, Barack Obama? After meeting the Illinois Senator, I felt he was not entirely forthright with his thinking. The US president's global agenda The unscheduled meeting with the J'lem mayor reminds us that Bush is the best Israel ever had in the Oval Office. Uncertainty in global arena favors Clinton, McCain Giuliani, McCain, Clinton and Richardson have demonstrated their support for Israel. The remaining are yet untested.