JPost US Elections Panel: Gil Troy

Gil Troy, Professor of History at McGill University [ Biography ]
For now, then, let us all join the great Barack Obama love-in. Let us celebrate the kind of country America is - a country that can correct its mistakes, heal its wounds, and elect a black man president. Israel irrelevant in campaign - as it should be The first thing I wrote about this election back in 2007 still holds true: ultimately, especially during these difficult times, the best president for Israel - is the best president for America. Polarized Jews in a depressing election The long 2008 election has uncovered certain American fault lines. Within the Jewish community, the results of the 2008 electoral stress test have been equally sobering. Where were Obama the dreamer and McCain the war hero? While the first debate did reassure, demonstrating that both these candidates were competent and idealistic men of character, the overall effect after three debates diminished them both. Someone to lean on What a pleasure it was to watch Obama and McCain compete over who is more ready to defend Israel. Playing the partisan Imagine how powerful a message the American people would have sent to Iran had their two leading women politicians stood together during the presidential campaign against Ahmadinejad. 9/11 and the race for the White House Democrats barely mentioned terrorism or 9/11 during their convention. Republicans, on the other hand, cannot use the continuing threat of terrorism as an excuse to justify ignoring America's economic, energy, and health crises. Just another conventional politician It is possible that liberals, conservatives and centrists who are not blinded by Obamania may all be able to agree that Joe Biden was a terrible choice as a running mate. The generational game Even today, when Barack Obama talks about traditional morality and political moderation he risks being mocked by his peers and his usual ideological allies among the "let it all hang out" Boomers. Nearing foreign policy consensus Candidates' points of overlap demonstrate that both are patriots, both are "anti-terror," both seek an American victory in Iraq and Afghanistan. Jerusalem syndrome Obama's Zionist Vision Trumps His Jerusalem backpedaling. Did Obama fall into a Bush trap? Let's face it. Presidential pronouncements from Israel about American-Israeli friendship rarely generate headlines. Why is this Race about Race? Unfortunately, despite America's tremendous racial progress, both the democratic and republican parties frequently make racial appeals. Carter's Hamas hug haunts Obama America's next leader must have both Carter's idealism and Bush's anger. Hillary's old-fashioned but post-modern campaign Hillary Clinton has proved Thomas Edison correct. In politics as in technology perspiration frequently trumps inspiration. Clinton needs to be more honest - Obama needs to be less... The great risk to Democrats as the Pennsylvania primary looms is that the process will diminish both their talented front-runners. Poisoned Penn - and Hillary's Clinton fatigue Win or lose - and the contest is still not over - Hillary Clinton's campaign will be remembered as a series of miscalculations and missed opportunities. Obama's race speech loses its freshness with age I liked the speech, I want to believe, but the persistence of my fears are trumping the audacity of my hope.