Judge shrinks suit against dry cleaners

A judge who was seeking $67 million (€49.51 million) from a dry cleaners that lost his pants has loosened the belt on his lawsuit. Now, he is asking for only $54 million (€39.91 million), according to a May 30 court filing in D.C. Superior Court. Roy L. Pearson, a District of Columbia administrative law judge, first sued Custom Cleaners over a pair of pants that went missing two years ago. He was seeking about $65 million (€48 million) under the D.C. consumer protection act and almost $2 million (€1.48 million) in common law claims. He is now focusing his claims on signs in the shop that have since been removed. The suit alleges that Jin Nam Chung, Soo Chung and Ki Chung committed fraud and misled consumers with signs that claimed "Satisfaction Guaranteed" and "Same Day Service."