Karachi: 50,000 at funeral for Sunni leaders

Troops deployed across Karachi to stop rioting that has raged in the southern Pakistani city since a suicide bombing killed 57 people, including top leaders of a Sunni Muslim group who were buried in a mass, emotion-charged funeral. Following evening prayers Thursday, more than 50,000 mourners crammed downtown Karachi streets leading to the revered mosque of Alam Shah Bukhari, where the three slain leaders of the moderate Sunni Tehrik (Urdu for Movement) group were laid to rest. "We will avenge the murder of our leaders," chanted young men in the thronging crowd, many wearing T-shirts bearing pictures of Abbas Qadri, Tehrik's leader, who was killed Tuesday along with his deputy, another senior group member and eight other activists. But religious leaders urged calm, bellowing into microphones: "Don't get involved in the violence."