'Karadzic's lawyer lodges last-minute appeal against extradition - by mail'

A leading Serbian newspaper reported that Radovan Karadzic's lawyer had mailed a last-minute appeal against the extradition of the former Bosnian warlord, but the lawyer later would not confirm or deny it. The Karadzic defense team had until midnight Friday to lodge a formal appeal. Proof of postage is sufficient even if the appeal has not yet arrived. Lawyer Svetozar Vujacic was quoted by Saturday's Politika daily as saying the appeal was mailed from a post office, declining to say which one, so the letter could not be immediately identified and rushed to the court handling Karadzic's extradition. But, speaking with reporters on Saturday, Vujacic declined to give any details. "I cannot say anything about the appeal, where or when I filed it or what is in it," he said. "Had I talked about it, the appeal would already have been rejected and Radovan Karadzic would already be on his way to The Hague."