Key war crimes of Milosevic

Key quotes from the 41-page UN indictment against Slobodan Milosevic charging him and several others with crimes against humanity during Kosovo's 1998-99 war:
  • "Throughout Kosovo, the forces of the FRY (Federal Republic of Yugoslavia) and Serbia have looted and pillaged the personal and commercial property belonging to Kosovo Albanians forced from their homes. Policemen, soldiers, and military officers have used wholesale searches, threats of force and acts of violence to rob Kosovo Albanians of money and valuables, and in a systematic manner, authorities at the FRY border have stolen personal vehicles and other property from Kosovo Albanians being deported from the province."
  • "Throughout Kosovo, the forces of the FRY and Serbia have engaged in a systematic campaign of destruction of property owned by Kosovo Albanian civilians. This has been accomplished through the widespread shelling of towns and villages; the burning of homes, farms, and businesses; and the destruction of personal property. As a result of these orchestrated actions, villages, towns and entire regions have been made uninhabitable for Kosovo Albanians."
  • "Throughout Kosovo, the forces of the FRY and Serbia have harassed, humiliated, and degraded Kosovo Albanian civilians through physical and verbal abuse. Policemen, soldiers and military officers have persistently subjected Kosovo Albanians to insults, racial slurs, degrading acts, beatings and other forms of physical mistreatment based on their racial, religious and political identification."
  • "Throughout Kosovo, the forces of the FRY and Serbia have systematically seized and destroyed the personal identity documents and licenses of vehicles belonging to Kosovo Albanian civilians ... These actions have been undertaken in order to erase any record of the deported Kosovo Albanians' presence in Kosovo and to deny them the right to return to their homes."
  • "On or about 25 March 1999, the villages of Velika Krusa and Mali Krusa/Krushe e Mahde and Krushe e Vogel (in the Orahovac/Rahovec municipality) were attacked by forces of the FRY and Serbia. Village residents took refuge in a forested area ... where they were able to observe the police systematically looting and then burning the villagers' houses. On or about the morning of 26 March 1999, Serb police located the villagers in the forest. The police ordered the women and small children to leave the area and to go to Albania. The police then searched the men and boys and took their identity documents ... Once the men and boys were assembled, the Serb police opened fire on the group. After several minutes of gunfire, the police piled hay on the men and boys and set fire to it in order to burn the bodies. As a result of the shootings and the fire, approximately 105 Kosovo Albanian men and boys were killed by the Serb police."