Lebanese man charged in US court with aiding Hezbollah

Former NY resident, dual citizen faces 260 years for allegedly using proceeds of stolen, counterfeit goods to aid terrorist group.

US Federal Courthouse 311 AP (photo credit: AP)
US Federal Courthouse 311 AP
(photo credit: AP)
WASHINGTON – A dual US-Lebanese citizen appeared in a court in Philadelphia on Friday on charges that he tried to raise money Hezbollah, following his recent extradition from Paraguay.
Moussa Ali Hamdan, 38, a former resident of Brooklyn, New York, faces a maximum sentence of 260 years in jail on 31 charges of attempting to use the proceeds of stolen and counterfeit equipment to enrich Hezbollah.
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A naturalized US citizen, Hamdan fled the country when he was indicted in 2009 for materially aiding a US-designated terrorist group, according to American authorities. He and nine others are accused of being part of a Hezbollah-linked ring.
According to the complaint, Hamdan purchased stolen cell phones, laptops, game systems and cars from a cooperating witness acting as an agent of the US government.
He also allegedly bought counterfeit goods, including Nike sneakers and Mitchell and Ness sports Jersey, from the government agent, to be used to generate money for Hezbollah.
Hamdan said after his arrest that he's been falsely accused, and that if he weren't Muslim would not have been charged.
The Associated Press contributed to this report.