Malaysian minister calls for repeat offender rapists to be castrated

A Malaysian minister said Wednesday she favors castrating habitual rapists as a means of containing the rising number of rape cases in the country. Women, Family and Community Development Minister Ng Yen Yen said 3,177 rape cases were reported to police last year, up from 2,435 cases in 2006 and 1,887 in 2005. About 75 percent of the cases were committed by people known to the victims, she said. "If it is proven that the act is going to be repeated by the offender, personally I am all for it (castration). I think that drastic action is needed for such a heinous crime," Ng was quoted by the national news agency Bernama as saying. Ng, a trained medical doctor, said castration can be done in various ways including giving medication to reduce male hormones. Such a measure however, must be considered only as a last resort punishment for repeat rapists and its implications should be studied carefully, she added.