Man swapped at birth seeks to renounce Islam

An ethnic Chinese man who was mistakenly handed to a Muslim couple at birth in a hospital mix-up found his biological parents 21 years later, but now faces a new battle - to renounce Islam and acquire a Chinese name, a news report said Monday. Zulhaidi Omar was often teased about his Chinese features, and never felt close to the Malay couple that he believed were his parents, The Star newspaper said. In a remarkable coincidence, he was spotted working in a supermarket eight years ago by his biological sister who noticed he was the spitting image of their father, Teo Ma Leong, 67. A DNA test later confirmed the relationship and Zulhaidi moved in with his parents three months later, The Star said. The family went public with their story only now - after eight years - because Zulhaidi, 29, wants to take up a Chinese name and change his religion to Buddhism, the Star said.