Mexico: Assailants gun down 7 in Acapulco resort

Gunmen dressed as soldiers staged and videotaped simultaneous assaults on two offices of the state attorney general in the resort of Acapulco, killing at least seven people in violence officials blamed on drug traffickers. The assailants told workers in the offices, located 15 kilometers (nine miles) north of the Pacific resort's tourist zone, that they were conducting a weapons revision, then opened fire after the officers handed over their weapons, said Erit Montufar, director-general of the attorney general's investigative police offices in Guerrero state. Five state police investigators and two secretaries died in Tuesday's attacks, which were carried out by two groups of about eight gunmen in military uniforms, said Enrique Gil Mercado, the office's special prosecutor in Guerrero, where Acapulco is located.