Mia Farrow airs alternative 'Darfur Olympics'

US actress-activist Mia Farrow aired an "alternative" Olympic opening ceremony in a Web cast Friday, showing Darfur refugees in the barren deserts of eastern Chad playing sports on sandy fields. The Web cast coincided with a lavish opening ceremony at the Beijing Olympics. The 2 1/2-minute-long video is part of a campaign by Farrow and other Darfur activists to pressure China into using its leverage in Sudan to bring an end to the five-year conflict. In the Web cast, Farrow and a child walk into a sandstorm as she holds an extinguished torch. A young Sudanese boy sings: "Sudan is my country. Sudan is the country of my grandmother and grandfather. ... Sudan will always be my home." Human rights groups, including Farrow's Dream for Darfur, have been using the Beijing Olympics to highlight accusations that China's close ties to the Khartoum government are helping fuel the bloodshed in Darfur, where up to 300,000 people have been killed.