Missing Israeli hiker found in India

Beersheba man discovered unharmed after abandoned motorbike raises alarm.

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A day after Dror Sheck, the Israeli backpacker killed in India on Sunday, was laid to rest, concerns abated about the fate of Sa'ar Revivo, whose motorbike was found Thursday near Manali in northern India. Revivo, 23, who was reported missing on Thursday, was dehydrated but otherwise unharmed when he was located on Friday afternoon. At 6 p.m. local time Thursday, Revivo's motorbike was found on a bridge near Manali. All his belongings, including his passport, were found on the bike, but Revivo was nowhere to be found. A local rescue team, hired by Revivo's insurance company, found the hiker and treated him for dehydration. Revivo, from Beersheba, flew to India in May to hike with his friends. On Sunday, Sheck, also 23, was stabbed and fatally wounded when he was robbed in northern India's Parvati Valley, where his group was hiking. The group guarded Sheck's body for two days from Indian authorities who wanted to conduct an autopsy.