More clashes in western Kenya despite deal to end the violence

Young men from rival ethnic groups hunted each other through the streets of a western Kenyan town, burning houses and blocking roads a day after the country's political foes agreed to try to end weeks of violence. Western Kenya has been at the center of fighting that has engulfed the country since an election that foreign and local observers say was rigged - and Saturday's clashes underscore how difficult it may be to end the bloodletting, which has left hundreds dead. Even one of the men who signed Friday's deal was still talking tough Saturday - Raila Odinga, the opposition leader who says the presidency was stolen from him, told reporters that President Mwai Kibaki's "aggressive statements" were undermining efforts to quell the violence. With the two sides trading blame, as they have done repeatedly since the outset of the crisis, the fighting continued unabated Saturday with members of Kenya's numerous tribes going after people from rival ethnic groups.