Moroccan police make arrest in terrorist attacks

Moroccan officials said Friday that they have arrested an alleged member of a terrorist group believed linked to the 2004 Madrid bombings and 2003 attacks in Casablanca. Saad Houssaini was arrested Thursday in Casablanca for his alleged role in the Moroccan Islamic Combatant Group, Interior Ministry spokesman Abderrahman Achour said, adding that Moroccan authorities had sought Houssaini since 2002. The group, known by its French acronym GICM, is considered a terrorist group by several governments and has been implicated in the Madrid and Casablanca attacks. Experts say the GICM was started by Moroccans who had traveled to Afghanistan in the 1990s. Moroccan authorities released few details about Houssaini's suspected wrongdoing, but experts described him as a key figure in the May 2003 attacks on Casablanca, which killed 45 people and woke the North African nation to the threat of Islamic terrorism.