Muslim protestors protest against Dutch lawmaker for insulting Quran

Malaysian Islamists protested Friday against a 15-minute film made by a Dutch lawmaker that has caused outrage across the Muslim world, saying the short was insulting and blasphemous. About 50 members of the opposition Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party gathered outside the Dutch Embassy in Kuala Lumpur for about 30 minutes in torrential rain shouting "Long live Islam" and "Crush the Netherlands." Riot policemen watched nearby but did not take any action against the protesters. Talking to reporters after the rally, party youth leader Riduan Mohamad Nor said Geert Wilders' film "Fitna," meaning "ordeal" in Arabic, showed his contempt for Muslims. "He wants to insult Islam, insult our prophet, insult our Quran," Riduan said. "Fitna" intersperses verses of the Quran with scenes of terrorist attacks. It was released on the Internet last month, sparking demonstrations by Muslims worldwide.